3,924,466 Classified Images
90,915 Square Miles
692,553 Disneylands
293.3 Dead Seas
588,669,901 Human Surface Areas i
0.88 New Zealands
0.031 Australias

The Moonometer™ keeps track of the hard work done by visitors to Moon Zoo - to keep it ticking over, all you have to do is classify things using either the Crater Survey or Boulder Wars. The Moonometer™ then keeps track of the number of LRO images classified by converting them into approximate areas. You can also keep track of activity on Moon Zoo via Moon Zoo Live! page. Here you'll find ever-updating maps that show how Moon zoo is connecting the Earth to the Moon thanks to our users.

The Moonometer™ was originally launched to celebrate International Observe the Moon Night. Between September 15th and 19th we challenged the Moon Zoo community to classify a huge chunk of the Moon: 60,000 images!